Jim Hosfelt, director of public safety and track operations at Dover International Speedway, recently addressed the Dover Colonial Rotary Club.

“Putting on such an event as the Firefly Music Festival is quite an undertaking. There is much that goes on behind the scenes,” said Hosfelt, as he recently addressed the Dover Colonial Rotary Club.

Hosfelt said the area becomes the fourth- or fifth-largest Delaware city during the festival, as many as 80,000 people set up camp in one of two camping stages. In addition, there are eight festival stages which have to be set up. The planning involves 22 separate areas which need to be addressed, with preparation for the following year’s event starting September of the previous year.

Hosfelt pointed out some areas of concern when it comes to a gathering of this size, specifically the searches performed to prevent guns, knives and bombs from being taken onto the grounds and a vehicle serpentine constructed by the Delaware Department of Transportation, with some of its heavy equipment to prevent any vehicle-based attacks.

Hosfelt noted that law enforcement officers are not really that busy, as most festival attendees do not cause problems. This past year, for example, the Dover police Department arrested just seven individuals; 65 percent of complaints are assigned to the emergency medical team.

Also, there is a 1,200 public safety workforce, in addition to law enforcement also includes fire departments and medical services.

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