The USA Powerlifting Regional Competition recently hosted more than 150 powerlifters from Delaware; Virginia; West Virginia; Maryland; Washington, D.C.; New Jersey; and Pennsylvania at the Radisson Lackawanna Hotel in in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Carl Stevens, age 64, had been powerlifting for several years and thought that he would enter.

"I set a deadlifting record last year at the Delaware Senior Olympics, "said Stevens, "and I currently have the Delaware State records for my age and weight in the squat, bench press, deadlift and total. I figured I had a chance to win."

Stevens trained several times a week at the gym he built at his home in Dover where he lives with his wife, Christine, and their seven cats.

During the competition, Stevens lifted 120 kilograms in the squat, 72.5 kilograms in the bench press and 175 kilograms in the deadlift. That is a total of 367.5 kilograms, or 808.5 pounds.

"Setting four new Delaware State records is very exciting. Anyone who lifts weights knows that it takes a good diet, dedication and a supportive spouse to move up to this level of competition,” said Stevens.

Stevens is also an ACE certified personal trainer pursuing a senior fitness specialist certification and hopes to help other seniors maintain their strength.