NCALL announced a $20,000 capital grant received from the Delaware Community Foundation to support the revitalization of Central Dover.

Earlier in 2018, NCALL purchased nine boarded up and vacant properties in the downtown Dover area. Most were known nuisance properties, magnets for crime and illegal activity. The lots will be redeveloped in the near future to be sold to qualifying homebuyers, and this grant is earmarked for demolition costs.

"We are thrilled to be able to support this project, helping to ensure a strong, livable and resilient Dover,” said Stuart Comstock-Gay, president and CEO of the Delaware Community Foundation. “Work like this takes time and commitment but it is well worth the investment."

"This support from the Delaware Community Foundation empowers NCALL to make a clear physical impact on downtown Dover,” said NCALL Executive Director Karen Speakman. “With this gift, the Delaware Community Foundation has demonstrated its commitment to community revitalization in Dover. Partners like the Foundation work with us to make Dover a better place for all who live and do business here."

NCALL is a statewide, Dover-based nonprofit affordable housing and community development organization. Services provided include housing development which has resulted in the creation of 50 affordable housing apartment communities leveraging in total $124,382,483. Single family housing development is a new area of focus that has produced four units with an additional 14 lots to be developed in the near future.

NCALL is the lead agency of Restoring Central Dover, a comprehensive community development effort comprised of more than 20 different organizations, including nonprofits, government agencies, businesses, institutions and residents.

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