Delaware Wild Lands announced its acquisition of the Passmore Farm along Route 9 at Taylors Bridge in southern New Castle County.

These 635 acres include a mix of saltmarsh, upland forest, freshwater springs and cropland. The property is adjacent to the 1,250-acre Roberts Farm that DWL acquired in 2015 in partnership with Mt. Cuba Center and the Conservation Fund.

A collection of individual donors, community organizations and private foundations responded with contributions to help protect the Passmore Farm during the past year.

Delaware Wild Lands acknowledges the leadership of Mt. Cuba Center, Longwood Foundation, Ellice and Rosa McDonald Foundation, Crestlea Foundation and Welfare Foundation. Other funders that advanced the cause include Fair Play Foundation, Marmot Foundation, Shrieking Meadow Foundation, Starrett Foundation and Wildwood Foundation.

Donations from community partners such as Delmarva Ornithological Society’s annual Bird-A-Thon, GreenWatch Institute and many individual donors were key in DWL’s efforts to meet a challenge grant from Mt. Cuba Center and raise sufficient funds to close on this acquisition.

DWL was protecting land in and around Taylors Bridge for more than 50 years. Purchase of the Passmore Farm adds the newest piece in a conservation puzzle of wildlife habitat in a developing area of the state.

More than 20 organizations, agencies and initiatives identified the Passmore Farm as a high priority for conservation. Now that it is protected, the farm forms a block of more than 10,600 contiguous acres: 5,500 acres owned by Delaware — the Cedar Swamp Wildlife Area — and 5,100 acres owned by DWL.

Under DWL’s ownership, the property is protected from additional residential development, removal of old growth forest and large-scale agricultural and poultry production.