NCALL announced it received capital funding in the amount of $150,000 from the Welfare Foundation to support its redevelopment work in Central Dover.

"The Welfare Foundation has been an important and consistent supporter of NCALL's housing and community development work in Delaware over the years. This grant for blight remediation illustrates the vision and foresight of the foundation and its trustees to create real change in distressed communities,” said NCALL Executive Director Joe Meyer.

NCALL recently made a block purchase of nine boarded up and vacant properties in the downtown area. The lots will be redeveloped in the near future and then sold to qualifying homebuyers. NCALL is focusing efforts on specific blocks to ensure maximum impact of their investment.

“In a relatively small area, this concentration of demolition and revitalization will have a major impact on the look of the community, the perception of downtown Dover and the pride of those who have already invested in and continue to remain in the neighborhood,” said Meyer.

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