The highlight of Firefly is undoubtedly the music, but there's so much more.

Goat yoga: That’s right. Classes are held at The Hub in the north campground every day from 7:15 to 11:45 a.m. Cost is $15 with deals for multiple people and the max class size is 25, so the earlier you arrive, the better. Yoga is held under a fenced-in shade tent and the goats will come sit in your lap, jump on your back, give you a sniff and pose for a selfie. The host company’s name, Goat Joy, is quite apropos. MamerSass: Meanwhile, at The Hub in the south campground, check out MamerSass for a surprisingly affordable and unique shopping experience. They take thrift store clothes and distress them for a very cool look. Nothing else like it. High Brewliner: Located next to The Coffeehouse, the High Brewliner offers cold brew coffee, air conditioning and charging stations in a vintage-Airstream-camper-meets-classic-diner atmosphere. Free samples too. Samsung Xfinity Mobile tent: Just past the coffeehouse, stop by the Samsung Xfinity Mobile tent to take a selfie in a ball pit, pick up some free sunglasses and enter to win a VIP upgrade. The Nook: The Nook is a nice shady spot full of hammocks and geometric lounges, across the lawn from the Backyard Stage. It’s a great place to take a nap. New to The Nook this year: books.  Yes, books. We didn’t see anyone reading them but we did see a few people taking selfies as if they were! Bai tent: Have a delicious, cold and free beverage next to The Porch Stage. Seating. Selfie opportunities. A video game. Another delicious, cold and free beverage. Toyota Music Den: Toyota always has pretty cool features at Firefly. At the Music Den, which is between the Backyard and Firefly Stages, you can get your hair braided and/or take a survey for a free bandana. There are also, of course, cars to check out and more bands to see. Bud Light Dive Bar: If for no other reasons than a. Bud Light is the cheapest beer sold at the festival at $7 a can and b. the “Hi Mom” selfie opportunity. Also between the Backyard and Firefly Stages. The Thicket: This place is always full of energy and fun. Pick up your headphones, head to the dance floor, and choose to listen to one of two battling DJs. Commence getting down. Also between the Backyard and Firefly Stages. To Write Love On Her Arms: To Write Love On Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to providing hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. These guys partnered with a Dover counseling agency to offer mini-seminars about self-care and other subjects twice daily at Firefly, at their tent in The Market. Worth a gander. Our Music Our Body: Another nonprofit set up in The Market, Our Music Our Body promotes fun and consensual music experiences for all festival-goers. They actually worked with Firefly to create the festival’s sexual harassment statement. Stop by, pick up a sign that promotes consent to carry with you, come back later and get a free bandana. The Brewery: Dogfish Head beer, duh. Nine types and some cocktail offerings, too, in an enclosed and climate controlled tent. Dogfish stepped it up this year with a free arcade, featuring pinball, classic video games, skeeball and foosball. Also at The Brewery is Rainbow records, where you can listen to and/or buy vinyl (old and new). There’s also an opportunity to decorate your own fanny pack! All tucked away across the lawn from the Firefly Stage. Toyota Exhibit Love: Next to the Pavillion Stage, this Toyota tent features silkscreened totes, an opportunity to unlock the Firefly Snapchat lens and FREE ICE CREAM. Clean Vibes Trading Post: This is so cool. Next to the Toyota Exhibit Love Tent, Clean Vibes is offering an incentive-based recycling plan. They provide you with a bag and you go fill it up with recyclables, compost or cigarette butts found in the festival grounds. Each bag is worth points, and those points can be traded for some pretty sweet merch. You’re going to be walking the grounds all day anyway, why not?