The Federal Highway Administration and the Delaware Department of Transportation have prepared an Environmental Assessment for the Park Avenue Relocation project, which would improve traffic operations and safety of the existing U.S. 9 Truck Bypass around Georgetown.

The purpose of this project is to improve the traffic operations and safety of the U.S. 9 Truck Bypass from East of Georgetown to U.S. 113. The existing truck route between U.S. 9 and U.S. 113 has several turning movements that hinder traffic operations; the roadway width is narrow and does not meet current design for a truck route; and the average number of crashes along the truck route between U.S. 113 and U.S. 9 are higher than the state and Sussex County averages. Secondary needs are to support economic growth, and to support federal, state, and local initiatives by focusing on improving transportation infrastructure to provide safe and convenient road access across the region and to areas zoned for business/industrial use.

The EA is a federally-required document that examines the impacts of proposed transportation projects to be built with federal funds in accordance with the National Environmental Policy of Act of 1969 and Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act.

Interested persons may request a free CD of the EA and associated technical reports by calling DelDOT Community Relations at 760-2080. Additionally, the EA and associated technical reports can be viewed online at

The EA is also available in hard copy at DelDOT, 800 Bay Road, Dover; DelDOT South District, 23697 Dupont Blvd., Georgetown; Federal Highway Administration Delaware Division, 1201 College Park Drive, Suite 102, Dover; and Delaware Technical & Community College Georgetown Campus Library, 21179 College Drive, Georgetown.

Written comments on the EA should be submitted by 5 p.m. July 17 by email to DelDOT Project Manager, John Caruano at or mail ATTN: Park Avenue Relocation, P.O. Box 778, Dover, DE 19903.

Interested parties who want to request a public hearing should send a written request for public hearing to the department within 21 days at the address above. Requests received within 21 days may be resolved by contact with the interested party and resolving the issues on an individual basis. If unresolved requests remain, a public hearing will be scheduled.