Commandant Patrick Gallucci and Col. Robert Wallace U.S Marine Corps from the First State Military Academy recently addressed the Dover Colonial Rotary Club.

The motto of that institution is “Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow.” The mission of the academy is to provide knowledge, skills and attributes that young cadets will need to strive in post-secondary education, work and in civic life. Accordingly the school combines two programs, namely a new technology network and the Marine Corps JROTC.

Gallucci explained what he called “The Pillars of our Success.” One pillar deals with a culture that empowers. The teachers and the cadets alike have ownership over learning. A second pillar is that of having a teaching approach that engages. Learning at the academy is one that is project-based. A third deals with outcomes. Students must realize that there are outcomes that matter and they must be motivated in order to achieve these.

Wallace noted in his part of the presentation that the military aspect of the program’s focus is upon leadership and character development. Cadets are expected to participate in activities aimed toward these goals.

The cadets concluded the planning stage for a summer camp, which will begin the week of June 10. There will also be an Induction Day help at 9:30 a.m. Sept. 21 at the academy, 355 W. Duck Creek Road, Clayton.

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