Atlantic/Smith, Cropper & Deeley, a local independent insurance agency, has launched a new brand — Deeley Insurance Group.

The firm partnered with designRoom to conduct a comprehensive brand assessment to identify where the brand is today and to develop a brand that is relevant, engaging and will carry the firm into the future. DesignRoom’s process includes an in-depth assessment process where they research, survey and analyze the existing brand. That includes identifying the culture, goals, environment, history and clients’ attitudes and perceptions.

DesignRoom held a focus group and initiated a company-wide survey. They reached out to employees, clients and other stakeholders to gather insights. They found the firm’s culture was not lost on clients — but they weren’t presenting themselves that way online or through the content they distribute. They also learned that the name “Atlantic/Smith, Cropper & Deeley” was confusing, and their client advisers and clients were using iterations of it when referring to the company, like “Cropper Deeley” or “Atlantic Smith.”

Sandy Deeley, a founding partner of the firm, participated in the brand assessment by offering his insight, like others who were interviewed.

“Recognizing the difficulty our agency personnel had in trying to explain their identity was enlightening,” said Deeley. “It was a scattered approach — it was such a difficult brand to put out there because of the name.”

Deeley noted that the name Atlantic/Smith, Cropper & Deeley grew “so…cumbersome. As we completed mergers and acquisitions over the years, we kept the names as a courtesy to the incoming culture.”

The new brand comes with a new look and a new website — Resources to support the local business community are in development and are to be released this summer.

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