Caesar Rodney High School Jobs for Delaware Graduates students won a gold banner, the highest level of award.

Jobs for Delaware Graduates students across the state participate in the Jefferson Awards Foundation and its Students in Action component. The foundation encourages youth to give back to the community by participating in community service projects in their school and neighborhood.

One component of the program is for the Students in Action Team to recognize community service work that other students and/or school groups perform during the year and nominate them for a Jefferson Award. The other main component is participating in Students in Action by performing various community service projects, tracking results and reporting them at the end of the year. The reporting of the work is a competition, which includes a written portion and an oral presentation with PowerPoint assistance.

CRHS students Erica Gibbs, Daphnica Joseph and Tytieyana Chadwick helped with the written presentation, created the PowerPoint and gave the oral presentation April 14 at MOT Charter School in Middletown.

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