Officer Alfonso Jones is moving on, but not before getting a big thank you from the students and staff at Postlethwait Middle School.

As students trudge into the gymnasium, music is playing in the background.

They know exactly for what they are assembling. Officer Alfonso Jones, our school resource officer, is at F. Niel Postlethwait Middle School to deliver his traditional pep talk to the student body. As the gymnasium fills, students are talking, laughing and socializing, and an aura of excitement illuminates the school.

As much as middle school students do not like to be lectured, they love to hear what Jones has to say. The positive reception Jones receives from students is typical due to the positive approach he takes toward meeting the needs of our students.

Celebrating those who are instrumental in creating such a positive, productive learning community for our students, is a part of the culture at Postlethwait, and Jones has been a part of this commitment for several years.

Recently, we found out that he would be taking on another position within the Delaware State Police. When the student body at Postlethwait found out he was leaving, notes of gratitude poured in as students expressed their personal appreciation for the work Jones did school-wide and on an individual basis. His proactive approach to working with our students helped to create an environment where staff and students feel safe. He helped to inspire our students to make good decisions and to do their best.

In the words of one student, Maia, “[Officer Jones] helped us through the sometimes difficult transition to middle school, which is one of the most honorable things someone could do for a pupil.”

He wanted students to know that they had people and resources to help them when they needed it. He taught them to consider their lives as a whole and how they could directly and immediately change their lives for the better by making the right decisions on a day to day basis.

Our students at Postlethwait embraced much of the advice Jones gave them: how they should interact on social media, how they should treat each other, how their behavior not only impacts themselves but those around them. These are life principles that will guide them as they move into their futures.

We are proud to have had such calm, strong support from Jones because we know that our students will eventually be the leaders in our community. His impact will have a lasting impression at Postlethwait for years to come.

Our hope for Jones is that all the good he put out into the world will return to him and make his future all the better. One student, Aniyah’s sentiments, sums it up well: "…PMS wishes you luck with the future, and we hope you continue being great! Please, and we know you will, continue helping the community and keeping everyone safe, healthy and happy. Thank you so much for being there in bad situations. You have truly inspired all of us!”

The staff and students at Postlethwait thank officer Jones for being such an inspiration in the lives of our children.

Tonya Baker

Achievement Liaison teacher, Postlethwait Middle School