Caesar Rodney High School’s Air Force JROTC cadets won their eighth state championship April 21 during the Eagle Classic JROTC State of Delaware Military Drill Championships held at Dover Air Base Middle School.

About 250 cadets from 10 schools competed in the competition which includes inspection, armed and unarmed regulation drills and exhibition drills.

Instructors Col. Mitch Berger and Sgt. Jay Wedel saw the cadets take first place overall and first in five of six events during the championships. Wedel also noted this is his first season of ROTC where a cadet did not dropped a rifle while performing.

“We’ve fielded some very talented teams over the years at CR, but none of them has had the total work ethic of this one. Top to bottom this drill team is full of workers,” said Wedel.

“Every year is a great year to be a member of CR JROTC but this year has been special. From getting an ‘Exceeds Standards’ rating on our headquarters inspection to setting a new record for community service hours in a year and now our sixth straight State Drill Championship,” said Berger.