The Caesar Rodney High School wrestling team was honored in the Delaware House of Representatives on April 26.

The team was lauded for earning the Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association 2018 Division I State Championship as well as its accomplishments off the mat.

“This is a phenomenal, well-rounded group of young men,” said coach Dan Rigby. “Out of the 14 starting members of our team, 11 of the 14 went on to receive academic all-state honors, first or second team, with a 3.75 G-P-A or higher.”

Rigby said the team is also community-oriented, citing instances of the members aiding an effort to clothe the needy and visiting a local senior home on Valentine’s Day to visit with the residents and give them roses.

The team was presented with a House of Representatives’ Tribute, which said “We applaud this talented team and coaching staff for their outstanding wrestling season. Through dedication, exemplary sportsmanship, and great physical strength, they have achieved this prestigious honor. Caesar Rodney had a 30-29 win over Smyrna, achieving their 14th title in school history. We join with the community in commending the Riders for their impressive team work and remarkable accomplishments.”