Pastor Cecelia Snorton, founder and CEO of Women and Children Transformation Ministry International, recently addressed the Dover Colonial Rotary Club.

Snorton, formerly from Liberia in West Africa, began her presentation with the statement,“Don’t just sit there, do something,” which is their adopted slogan. She then proceeded to illustrate how her group is making a difference in three countries, namely in the U.S., Liberia and Zambia.

The aim of WCTM is to build the lives of women and children by helping them to become self-sufficient. The target groups are single women and young children from low-income earners, many of whom are unwed mothers. Others have been displaced, lost housing or income due to marital breakup or experienced loss of employment. Some have completed drug treatment programs, and some of the children have been victimized by parental separation, abuse or abandonment. When she discussed these individuals, it reminded her of her own situation, when she lost a son in the Liberian civil war and another son through a disease which could have been prevented had help been available.

In the U.S., life skill mentoring classes are offered. These involve cooking, housekeeping, managing personal finances, health and nutrition. Snorton pointed out that the focus of her group in this country is upon Kent County.

In addition, WCTM is partnering with Bellata Village in Liberia, where the population has no school, no toilet facility, no running water and a lack of nearby clinic and diseases and high mortality rates. The children often have to forage into garbage cans for food. In Zambia, the local school has no building. Classes are conducted on the street. Her group has provided floor mats, but there is a dire need for chairs and desks in addition to a school with a roof over the students’ head.

A Women & Children Empowerment Tea is set for noon to 3 p.m. May 12 at the Calvary Worship Center, 1028 Lafferty Lane, Dover. The tea will provide a platform to these individuals to come together in a positive atmosphere to uplift, encourage and support one another.

For more, call 270-5966.