Four Wesley College faculty co-authored an article “Working with the Wesley College Cannon Scholar Program: Improving Retention, Persistence, and Success,” that was featured in the February-March 2018 issue of “Journal of STEM Education.”

In the article, the faculty demonstrated that 95 percent of Cannon Scholars are retained, and that their GPA is two-thirds of a letter grade higher than the remaining STEM majors and one-third higher than non-STEM majors.

“This is a staggering achievement, as 63 percent did not make the incoming Cannon Scholar requirement of a 2.7 GPA or a minimum 1006 entering SAT score,” said Professor of Chemistry and Associate Dean of Interdisciplinary/Collaborative Sponsored Research Malcolm D’Souza. “The program has allowed students with high aspirations and a strong work ethic to succeed.”

Wesley faculty who contributed to the article include D’Souza, Assistant Director of STEM Initiatives Kevin E. Shuman, Professor of Mathematics Derald Wentzien and Adjunct Chemistry Professor/Laboratory Supervisor Kris Roeske.