The security guard booth is intended to serve the 2,000-plus students enrolled at the school.

To help bolster safety for students, Caesar Rodney High School unveiled its new security guard booth on Tuesday morning.

With an enrollment over 2,000 students, CR hosts many open events on its campus throughout the school year. For this reason, implementing a portable and versatile guard booth is important for the protection of all attendees of such events. The donation of a security booth, decorated to represent the school’s pride, is a practical and meaningful step towards establishing better school safety practices.

The booth was delivered March 22 and is at the entrance of the high school stadium.

It was donated by Rockland County, N.Y.-based Guardian Booth, a market leader in portable security and modular office enclosures, manufacturer of prefabricated booths for guards, parking attendants, ticket vendors and cashiers. Guardian Booth provides powerful, practical and proactive solutions to respond to school safety and security needs.

“Our guard stations were initially meant to service the construction industry in NYC, but it quickly became apparent that there was a need for security booths to keep our children safe nationwide,” said Abraham Taub, chief executive officer and co-founder of Guardian Booth, via a press release. “We are proud to be part of CR High School’s mission to protect its students and do our part in providing services that the school sees fit.”

Sherry Kijowski, principal of CRHS, said “The addition of the Guardian booth to the CR High School campus will help us to enhance security and streamline the entrance of patrons to events in our stadium.”

Other school districts around the country have already requested Guardian Booth guard booths to help create limited access points for visitors and allow security teams to keep track of who comes in and out of school campuses.