The Delaware Department of Correction is continuing to deal with the prevention and treatment of the flu in its facilities.

To date, DOC is treating 64 offenders in the Level IV and Level V facilities across the state with Tamiflu.

Effective Feb. 21, visitation will be suspended for any child under the age of 16 to all Level IV and Level V facilities. There have been no changes in court schedules. DOC will advise if there are any changes.

The DOC continues to work hand in hand with the Division of Public Health on its efforts and is treating all offenders with elevated temperatures and symptoms of the flu.

Toward its preventative efforts, all facilities are continually disinfecting living and treatment areas several times per day. Affected offenders are either in the facility infirmaries or isolated in housing units. Medical staff are in the facilities doing surveillance including taking temperatures and monitoring any symptoms.

As important, DOC is monitoring its own staff for any signs or symptoms and is actively encouraging anyone who is experiencing a fever and has symptoms to remain home and seek medical assessment.