A FOIA letter to the Defense Logistics Agency reveals the surplus sent to Dewey Beach PD from 2013-2016.

A FOIA request to the Defense Logistic Agency in Michigan produced an Excel spreadsheet containing all items transferred to all Delaware law enforcement agencies from 2013-2016.

Every surplus item has a Demilitarization Code and every code except “A” requires a permanent annual inventory report. Items coded A are given away by the feds after one year.

From 2013-2016 Dewey received 467 separate items classified “A.” Some line items in the inventory consisted of multiple units. For example, 11 inventory lines of “Cold Weather Overalls” came to a total of 32 pieces of clothing.

Legal possession of all of these has passed to the Dewey police.

Another 60 individual items worth more than $235,000 new came in in 2017 and will be theirs to keep after October, 2018.

Dewey also has 36 line items in other Demil classes that appear in its inventory every year, since the feds require annual reporting on controlled property.

The program requirements include a process for returning unwanted surplus to the DLA and a reporting requirement if an controlled property has been lost or destroyed. From the spreadsheet:


TRUCK, SERVICING PLATFORM              1              Each      $78,405.00
TRUCK, UTILITY                                              1              Each      $47,023.00
TRUCK, UTILITY                                              2              Each      $41,061.00
TRUCK, CARGO                                                1              Each      $16,531.00
RESTRAINT SET, WRIST & ANKLE          3              Set          $195.21


RECEIVER-TRANSMITTER, RADIO        13            Each      $2,129.00
FIRING DEVICE, NON-LETHAL               6              Each      $1,093.00
SIGHT, HOLOGRAPHIC                         3              Each      $506.80
SIGHT, REFLEX                                     5              Each      $365.00
SIGHT, REFLEX                                    14            Each      $315.00

RIFLE, 5.56 MILLIMETER                       2              Each      $499.00
RIFLE, 7.62 MILLIMETER                       3              Each      $138.00
PISTOL, CALIBER .45, AUTOMATIC        4              Each      $58.71
SPECTACLES SET, BALLISTIC & LASER PROTECTIVE    4              Each      $28.66
SPECTACLES, BALLISTIC & LASER PROTECTIVE        11            Each      $20.30
SPECTACLES, BALLISTIC & LASER PROTECTIVE        17            Each      $20.20


TRUCK, UTILITY                                              1              Each      $62,627.00
TRUCK, UTILITY                                              1              Each      $50,458.00
CAMERA SYSTEM, RECONNAISSANCE             4          Kit          $8,450.00
COVER, RAIL, SMALL ARMS                           20           Each      $22.43