Senate President Pro Tempore David McBride announced Jan. 19 that the state Senate will release a three-day legislative agenda to the public on the Friday preceding each session week.

Historically, legislative agendas have made available to the public one day at a time — but McBride said the change will help improve transparency, efficiency and public participation in the legislature.

“This is, first and foremost, for the public interest,” said McBride. “Everyone who takes time out of their schedule to come to Legislative Hall to visit, work or advocate deserves as much notice and opportunity to plan as possible. All of our constituents will be better served when legislators and their staff can prepare for debates and the legislative process.”

The Senate agenda is distributed electronically and throughout Legislative Hall by the secretary of the Senate. It is also available at McBride said the three-day agenda will be subject to minor adjustments, when necessary, but expects that the reform will be a step forward for operational efficiency and public access to the legislative process.

The new agenda system will be implemented beginning on the legislative week of Jan. 23-25.