Sen. Chris Coons released a statement Oct. 31 after Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt announced a formal list of appointees to the agency’s Science Advisory Board.

“I strongly oppose the changes that EPA Administrator Pruitt is proposing to make to the EPA Science Advisory Board today. These changes fundamentally upend the role that science should play in policy at the EPA and suggest a profound misunderstanding of how scientific grants are awarded and how science is conducted,” Coons said. “Once again, the Trump Administration is choosing to prioritize the recommendations of industry over those of independent scientists at the federal agency charged with protecting our environment. That should concern all Americans.”

“To suggest that academic scientists personally profit from grants they receive to conduct research while representatives of regulated industries do not benefit from how regulations are implemented is extremely disingenuous. This reflects a disturbing and ongoing trend at the EPA, where Administrator Pruitt has been seeking to systematically subvert science as a part of the policymaking process.”