Support offered for Dover councilman who was censured for violating the spirit and purpose of a city ordinance.


I was very disappointed to learn that the Dover City Council voted October 9 to censure Second District Councilman Brian E. Lewis, who was accused of violating the spirit and purpose of a city ordinance.

Lewis said it started because a constituent was worried that Councilman Tanner Polce might have had a conflict of interest when he voted to sell the former city library to Wesley College because he had taught several classes at Wesley. According to the record, Lewis had asked for and received a legal opinion about this. Another issue concerned the legality of a reply by City Solicitor Nicholas Rodriguez and contact by Lewis to the Delaware State News.

I have known Lewis prior to his service as a Capital school board member. Although I did not attend many meetings, the one thing that stood out at those I did attend was that he was the only one on the board who asked how proposed actions would affect the taxpayers. Many times he was a lone voice. I found both of these qualities admirable and in short supply today among many people to whom political correctness is tantamount.

Lewis was not present at the one Dover City Council meeting I attended since his election, but knowing his integrity, I am sure he continues to bring to the table concern for the citizens he represents and lack of fear in doing so. I also believe him to be a tireless volunteer, doing a lot of positive things for the community.

According to the reporting in the Dover Post and the Delaware State News, I fail to see how Lewis violated the spirit and purpose of a city ordinance. I agree with him that the matter should have been handled by the council's Ethics Commission. Based on the knowledge I have, I feel it was wrong not to allow his lawyer the opportunity to speak at the council meeting. Some of what I am writing here I had emailed to the council and asked that it be included in the record. I understand that my letter was referred to at the end of the meeting and included in the record but not read publicly.

I hope this matter can be resolved to the satisfaction of all.

Lorraine O. Gloede