Trumpeter, band leader and songwriter Etienne Charles will headline the Arden Gild Hall on Friday. Opening the show will be the University of Delaware Jazz Ensemble Chamber.

During Charles' "Carnival—The Sound of A People," the island of Trinidad becomes engulfed in a cacophony of sounds – from singing minstrels, to the clash of stick fights, and lively calypso music with its hallmark steel pan cadences.

As a Trinidadian raised in a musical family, the jazz trumpeter Charles feels a deep connection to the "Carnival" traditions. At a young age he joined his father’s steel band, performing at carnival fetes, and immersing himself in the folklore.

Through the songwriter's Guggenheim Fellowship Award, he returns to his roots to celebrate the traditions that best exemplify Trinidadian culture. Inspired by the noises heard throughout the festivities, "Carnival: The Sound of a People" brings the celebrations to the stage.

Hailed by The New York Times as “an auteur” and by JazzTimes as “A daring improviser who delivers with heart wrenching lyricism,” NPR’s All Things Considered calls Charles “a great young trumpeter … his records filter calypso, reggae and other Afro-Caribbean music into a modern jazz conception.”

Critics and audiences alike continue to praise the Trinidadian’s exciting performances, thrilling compositions, and his charismatic onstage presence. Charles is a Guggenheim Fellow in the Creative Arts, Associate Professor of Jazz Trumpet and Teacher Scholar at Michigan State University, and has been written in to U.S. Congressional Record for his musical contributions to Trinidad and Tobago and the World.