The Senate recently passed a bill introduced by Sen. Chris Coons, which will be signed into law by President Donald Trump in the next 10 days.

Coons’ bill will extend Delaware’s five temporary bankruptcy judgeships for five years. The bill also will add two temporary bankruptcy judgeships for Delaware. These extensions and additions come at a time to assist in handling one of the busier districts in the country, given that Delaware has one permanent bankruptcy judge. The bill provides extensions for 14 temporary judgeships and creates four new bankruptcy judgeships total across the country.

“These judgeships are critical to ensuring that individuals and corporations can go through bankruptcy efficiently. When they can’t, it means lost jobs and lost revenue,” Coons said. “I am pleased this bipartisan law will give our bankruptcy courts the judges they need to manage pressing caseloads. Delaware has rightly earned its reputation for having one of the most highly regarded bankruptcy courts in the country, and this law ensures that our court has the additional judgeships it needs to administer justice.”

This is Coons’ first bill passed in the new presidential administration.