Police are reporting a number of smash-and-grab vehicle vandalism cases near Camden

Camden officers and Delaware State Police are investigating a series of recent thefts from vehicles in the Camden area.

A Dover Post inquiry was launched after a local woman posted a Facebook video describing vandalism against her car.

Camden Chief of Police William Bryson said his department received two complaints Oct. 1 of items being taken from vehicles at Brecknock Park. In both incidents windows were broken and items left in view were taken.

There were three similar complaints filed Oct. 2, Bryson said, one at Brecknock, a second in the parking lot in front of the Game Stop store and a third in the parking lot at the Texas Roadhouse. In each case, a window was broken and personal property was taken, he added.

Property from the first two burglaries was found near the vehicle at the restaurant, Bryson said.

Police may have gotten a break, the chief added.

“We have lifted some latent prints and believe the suspect or suspects are operating a dark color four door vehicle,” he said.

These were the first since May 29,when two smash-and-grab cases were reported. In one case, a black man was seen near the vehicle, but police have no solid leads, Bryson said.

Dover police have not had any similar vandalism cases as of late, department spokesman Master Cpl. Mark Hoffman said.

“We of course have reports of thefts from vehicles,” he said. “In a city of 40,000 and lots of businesses, developments and apartment complexes those things are pretty common, especially when people leave vehicles unlocked.”

Master Cpl. Gary Fournier of the Delaware State Police reports three cases of thefts from vehicles in the Camden area since September.

The first took place Sept. 6 on Ponderosa Drive, the second Sept. 27 on North Steffens Boulevard and the third Sept. 28 on Burns Way, he said.

All police agencies urge drivers to report suspicious activities to law enforcement.