Public treatment services that the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health funds:

Recovery Response Center

24/7 walk-in crisis centers at two locations

Ellendale (opened August 2012): 6 beds

Newark (opened July 2016): 16 beds

Withdrawal Management (detox)

2 locations (Kirkwood NET in New Castle County and Connections in Kent County)
16 medical beds each = 32 total beds

12 23-hour medical assessment slots each = 24 total slots

30-100 outpatient slots each = 60-200 total slots

Residential Treatment

95 total beds to come in four locations

Gateway for men at Delaware Hospital for the Chronically Ill (47 beds)
PSI for men in Dover (10 beds now  – to expand to 16)

PSI for women in Dover (16 beds)
Connections for women in Wilmington  (16 beds)

Young Adult Opiate Residential Treatment

32 beds

Operating in Wilmington. During FY18, 16 of those beds will move to Ellendale.

Sober Living Beds

149 beds NOTE: Please update as needed

New Castle County: 65 beds (35 men; 20 women and 10 women/children)
Kent County: 40 beds (32 men; 8 women)
Sussex County: 44 beds (18 men; 16 women and 10 women/children)

Outpatient Treatment

23 locations under contract for comprehensive behavioral health outpatient treatment services. Expanding services to include full continuum of support – partial hospitalization, expanding intensive outpatient and traditional outpatient provider network.