Gov. John Carney released a statement on the Graham-Cassidy Health Care legislation in the U.S. Senate, which could cost Delaware more than $2 billion in federal funding reductions by 2026, cuts that would reduce access to quality health care and shift costs onto Delaware families and the state budget.

“This bill would be a disaster for Delaware seniors, Delawareans with disabilities and children and adults in low-income households who depend on Medicaid as their connection to care,” Carney said. “It would force our Medicaid program to limit eligibility, cut benefits or pay a far greater share of the cost for the Delawareans who are covered today. This bill also would eliminate the Affordable Care Act’s federal assistance for individuals and families buying coverage on the Health Insurance Marketplace, raising premiums for most of the 27,000 Delawareans who get their coverage there. This bill is clearly the wrong direction for Delaware and the wrong direction for our country.”