Six members of the Wilmington University — Dover Toastmasters Club made a trip to Newark to judge a public speaking competition for their New Castle County peers.

The Sept. 9 event, which was held in the Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics auditorium on GBC Drive, club members weighed in on which participants from Newark-area clubs delivered the best humorous thematic speech. They also determined which members offered effective analysis of a prepared speech they had observed, as communicated through a two- to three-minute evaluation.

Judges were Crystal Bryant, James Crowe, Samantha Golt, Jonathan Mallory, Derrick Thomas and Julie Van Alstyne. The event was the first time club members served as volunteer judges.

The speeches were judged on their speakers' originality, delivery, timing, confidence, body language and vocal variety. Participants who evaluated speeches considered eye contact, vocal projection, poise and position, the use of notes — or lack of — during the speech and the use of floor space while speaking as factors.

Winners from the area contests go on to compete with other areas' winners for the district title.

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