Dover guitarist has toured with major artists Sam Smith and John Legend

A Dover resident managed to tour the world with two of contemporary R&B’s biggest artists: Sam Smith and John Legend.

Guitarist Devin Trout, 25, spent the last couple years gigging around the country and abroad, including Japan, London, Switzerland and Ireland.

It began with a national tour with R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan (2012-13), followed by a US and overseas tour with John Legend (2013-14), concluded by a tour abroad with Sam Smith (2014-15).

Trout, a pastor’s son and church member of the Pentecostals of Dover, Delaware - got his foot in the door with the help of his good friend and industry musical director Eugene “Man-Man” Roberts.

From there, Trout said, networking led to working with John Legend and Sam Smith.

What was it like touring with performers who weren’t gospel artists?

At first it was kind of weird. I grew up doing gospel. The first artist I worked with was Jazmine Sullivan in 2012-13. I think that chapter with Jazmine was a really good entry point. Her whole family was really involved in her career and they’re a Christian family. I got along really well with them.

I’ve been in church my whole life and I’ve studied all the ins and outs of the Bible. At one point I really stopped caring about educating myself on it. I never turned my back on Christianity or church, but I stopped caring about making prayer part of my daily life. When I got on tour with a secular artist and was away from the gospel and Christian scene, that’s when I found myself being intrigued by my faith again.

How was your tour with John Legend?

John was super cool to work with. He was raised in a Christian household and still believes in God. Everyone I was on tour with were all church musicians. We didn’t have church on the road. But we’d have times where we’re on the bus and would be talking about God, on a rabbit trail for two-and-a-half hours just having a conversation about these different things in the Bible. It was a really neat experience being on tour with him.

What does it take to tour with artists like John and Sam Smith?

I haven’t been on tour in so long that I’ve had some time to sit back and really look at what I did before to get there, and it was like a never-ending hustle that never stopped.

Since I was about 20, literally, I’d leave the house at noon, get to a gig in Philly [or elsewhere] and gig all night until 12:30, 1 o’clock in the morning, turn around, drive home and do the same thing the next night. I wasn’t doing it to just play. I was doing it to network and meet people, because you never know who’s going to come out to the shows. You never know who’s going to be at the local jam night.

When are you going back on the road?

I’m actually not going back out with Sam’s new record. I was supposed to originally, but things didn’t work out. Right now I’m looking to get into country music. My wife and I are looking to move to Nashville in the next couple of months.

I have a spot date with an artist named Jason Crabb lined up for the end of this month in Nashville. I’m taking whatever comes in and trying to refocus myself, as far as what direction I want to go into. I’ve been praying about it a lot, and me and my wife have been praying together, and it really seems to be the direction that God’s pushing us to go into.