Dover Mayor Robin R. Christiansen has issued a statement condemning the events over the past weekend in Charlottesville, Va.

Dover Mayor Robin R. Christiansen issued the following statement Aug. 14:

Today as mayor of the city of Dover, I am calling upon our citizens with a simple request that we join together in condemning the recent senseless violence which occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia this past weekend.

I ask each of our residents to join me in reaffirming the principles of our constitution of liberty and justice for all.

This most sacred document was ratified in our city on December 7, 1787, establishing a new order of civility and constructive debate to address our concerns and disagreements through peaceful discussions and dialogue for the common good of all.

This city, this county, this state, and our country must officially go on record that hatred and violence of any kind is not to be tolerated or condoned in any way and that the principles of mutual respect and the diversity of our citizens has been the strength of our nation in the past and will be the guiding light for future generations of Americans.

We as individuals, as citizens of the city of Dover where this great nation began must strongly denounce racism of any kind, in any shape or form, or any platform of hate veiled or masked in deception. That message must be heard clearly and loudly for all to hear.

Robin R. Christiansen


Aug. 14, 2017