The Medical Society of Delaware has teamed up with health care services company Medscient to develop a solution to address the challenges that prior authorization requirements pose to patients and health care providers.

The solution will use distributed ledger technology developed by Symbiont, the State of Delaware’s technology partner in the Delaware Blockchain Initiative.

MSD and Medscient will present a Proof of Concept of the solution at the Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference on Aug. 18 in Baltimore, with the long-term goal of implementing the system statewide to reduce the delays and added expense often associated with prior authorizations.

“This is truly an exciting project,” said MSD Vice President Andrew Dahlke. “The distributed ledger is a transformative technology that offers a definitive solution to the problem of pre-authorization that can benefit all parties — patients, doctors, nurses, hospitals and insurers.”

Distributed ledger technology and smart contracts will execute rules agreed upon by caregivers and insurers to automate the pre-authorization process, Dahlke explained. This should reduce the need for phone calls, faxes and lengthy turnaround times that generate added expense for providers and insurers, and that all too often delay badly needed patient care.

“The entire health care community agrees that pre-authorization processes need improvement,” Dahlke said. “We are confident that this Proof of Concept will not only address this particular pain point, but will lay the groundwork for streamlining other healthcare administrative issues as well.”