The Dover/Kent County Metropolitan Planning Organization Executive Director Rich Vetter recently announced his intentions to leave the agency after six years to focus full-time on his own engineering and land surveying business.

Vetter’s last day as full-time director will be June 30. After that, he will work with the agency on a part-time basis until the MPO Council names a new director.

Vetter is the agency’s second executive director. He came aboard in July 2011 after the retirement of longtime director Juanita Wieczoreck. In the past six years, Vetter has overseen the development of two long-range Metropolitan Transportation Plans and seven Transportation Improvement Programs and seen the agency through three sets of federal transportation regulations.

The agency, with Vetter at the helm of the MPO, has led or assisted with numerous transportation studies and projects, including a U.S. 13 corridor study for the town of Smyrna, a parking study for downtown Dover, a transportation study for the Garrison Oak Technical Park in Dover, the updating of the city of Dover’s bicycle and pedestrian plans, and various bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure improvements around Kent County.

Vetter has spent more than 25 years working in the transportation field. Before joining the MPO, he was a project engineer for the engineering and consulting firm Rummel, Klepper & Kahl in Dover. His career includes work as an engineer and planner for McCormick Taylor & Associates and the Delaware Department of Transportation.