Progressive Care Unit Nurse Manager Debbie Hines completed the American Organization of Nurse Executives nurse manager fellowship in 2016 and was followed by 3 North-Clinical Decision Unit nurse manager Stephanie McClellan, who is currently participating in the fellowship.

Hines says she was able to further develop as a leader through the fellowship.

“I’m driven by outcomes and seeing patients get better, and to develop nurses who achieve quality outcomes,” Hines said. “The leaders here really support us and push us to do better. I was encouraged by them to do the fellowship.”

McClellan is already learning and growing as a leader. From seeing how health care facilities across the country are dealing with similar issues to finding areas of improvement as a leader, she’s absorbing everything she can.

Bayhealth also supports nursing staff with fellowships on-site throughout the year for areas such as medical-surgical, critical care and inpatient rehabilitation. These fellowships aide nurses in honing their skills and help them in improving patient care.

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