No reports of human trafficking.

The Milford Police Department has been contacted by many concerned citizens over a social media post about human trafficking incidents occurring in Milford, particularly at the Wawa located on North DuPont Highway (Route 113).

The Milford Police Department met with Wawa staff to discuss any suspicious activity they may have noticed, but nothing out of the ordinary was reported. In addition, the department received no reports of such incidents occurring.

Injecting heroin requires the difficult task of finding a vein and is virtually impossible to perform in an ambush. However, human traffickers do sometimes use addiction as a tool to keep their victims compliant. Human trafficking is a serious issue that concerns the Delaware Law Enforcement community and the Milford Police Department encourages anyone who has information about actual crimes being committed to contact them or a local police agency. Although there is no information to substantiate the Wawa claim, the issue remains a concern.