Voters will choose between Andres R. Ortiz and Joan Loewenstein Engel.

The direction a school district takes is decided by its board of education. Voters will decide which new faces they want May 9. The Dover Post asked the candidates for the Capital district board of education three questions.

Voters will choose between Andres R. Ortiz and Joan Loewenstein Engel to fill the seat vacated by Matthew Lindell, who is running for Dover city council.

Joan Loewenstein Engel

Why are you running?

I am retiring from teaching this year after over thirty years in Capital School District classrooms. I can say my many years of teaching has been a joy and I have never wished I worked anywhere else. It has been a dream come true.

I’ve wanted to accomplish three things in my life: getting married (now moving onto our 44th anniversary), having children (we’ve raised three terrific girls who have become strong independent women), and becoming a teacher. Being on the inside of school these many years has given me insight into the good, the bad and the ugly. My goals are to build on the good, eliminate the bad and turn the ugly around.

What are the important topics facing the district?

Teacher empowerment, student achievement, and improved discipline in the school are important issues that need to be addressed. I feel that the Capital School District has unlimited potential that is not being met.

We have committed teachers who go the extra mile daily to create classes that provide instruction and stimulation from which students can benefit. These teachers never give up even when they are forced to spend valuable classroom time disciplining students and maintaining order. These are not teachers who have classroom management issues. We have moved into a climate where it seems that students who misbehave have more rights than their behaving peers. Teachers are forced to spend a ridiculous amount of time managing issues instead of teaching. This includes the time-consuming efforts of trying to reach parents who have changing numbers, writing narratives on the infractions and not often enough having students disciplined for inappropriate actions.

What would you bring to the board of education?

I intend to be a voice for students and teachers in the district. Before I respond to a question or vote on an issue, I will ask how this benefits the children and how this decision helps teachers. They are what it is all about and providing a secure learning environment where children want to learn and teachers are able to teach should be a reality, not a panacea.

Andres R. Ortiz

The candidate did not respond.