The Emergency Department Fellowship at Bayhealth graduated its recent class, completing the eighth session.

The 20-week ED Fellowship, which began four years ago, is offered twice a year to advanced licensed practicing nurses, registered nurses and nurse graduates at Bayhealth. The fellowship includes didactic and clinical time and expands the nurse’s exposure to medical emergencies. Bayhealth Hospital, Kent Campus ED Nurse Manager Jon Hendrickson said the fellowship covers any type of emergency care provided in the ED.

“It’s an amazing atmosphere. The work we do every day and the teamwork we exercise to help people, I’ve never seen a group of people work together like that,” said ED nurse Dana Moss, who worked as a licensed practicing nurse for 19 years.

Working through the fellowship, Moss said she was able to gain knowledge and improve upon her critical care skil lset. Moreover, she was able to work with experienced emergency care nurses who taught her to be a great nurse.

“When you’re in nursing school, you’re only taught the basics, and there’s a lot we needed to learn to work in the ED; not everyone is built to work in this environment,” Moss said. “I like making a difference in people’s lives. I treat the patients in the ED like they’re a family member with the utmost respect and dignity they deserve.”

Other nursing fellowships offered at Bayhealth include the med-surg, critical care and inpatient rehab.

“Working in health care, it’s always important for staff to grow from an education and skill-set standpoint,” Hendrickson said. “Offering these fellowships to our staff allows for their continued growth, which ultimately helps us provide better care to the community.”

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