The Friends of Delaware Veterans, the official fundraising organization of the Delaware Veterans Trust Fund, contributed $30,000 to the fund Feb. 24 after the Commission of Veterans Affairs' monthly meeting in Dover.

“The money is the result of multiple events conducted by and with community groups,” said Dave Skocik, Friends president.

This contribution represents only three months of grants for veterans in need of one-time help to meet emergency needs. Grants have prevented utility cutoffs, repossessions, made home repairs and met other critical needs.

“Raising money is labor intensive, and we do our best to reach out to organizations willing to conduct fundraisers and help our veterans in some way,” Skocik said. “That includes asking Delaware’s veterans posts to conduct one fundraiser a year for the trust fund as well as seeking corporate and private donors.”

The Friends, a 501(c)(3) with a board of unpaid volunteers, works in conjunction with the commission, and 100 percent of contributions are used for Delaware’s veterans in proven need and are tax deductible.

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