Sen. Tom Carper D-Delaware, recently released the following statement on the resignation of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn from his post as President Donald Trump’s national security adviser.

“This administration and its ties to Russia have been shrouded by a cloud of controversy since day one. With Gen. Flynn’s resignation last night due to his improper, and possibly illegal, discussions with high–ranking officials of the Russian government, we now have even more reason to question President Trump’s judgment on foreign affairs and issues of national security,” Carper said. “From the appointment of a fringe figure like Steven Bannon to the national security council to the selection of Gen. Flynn — an officer removed from his post by the previous administration for his penchant for spreading conspiracy theories — as national security adviser, we are again left with no choice but to seriously question the judgement of our president and the people he entrusts in key national security posts. To add insult to injury, the same day Gen. Flynn resigned, we learned that the president may have discussed highly sensitive classified information in a public dining room at his home in Palm Beach.

“This continued dysfunction at the highest levels raises questions about this administration’s readiness to confront a sudden national security crisis. Either this administration doesn’t know what they’re doing — or we are in more trouble than I thought. From Russia’s interference in our elections to its influence on our president and his administration, the American people deserve an immediate, comprehensive and independent investigation to get the facts on just how far this breach of national security goes.”