The University of Delaware announced Feb. 7 a new partnership with Joseph R. Biden Jr., 47th vice president of the U.S., that will pair his long-time work in domestic policy issues with the university’s strengths in public policy education and research.

Biden will serve as the founding chair of the University of Delaware’s Biden Institute, a new research and policy center focused on developing public policy solutions on issues ranging from economic reform and environmental sustainability to civil rights, criminal justice, women’s rights and more. The institute will convene thought leaders on the important issues of the day.

“We’re very excited about this new relationship with Joe Biden, one of our most distinguished and loyal alumni,” said University of Delaware President Dennis Assanis. “His vast experience as a public servant for more than 40 years will bring an important focus to many domestic policy matters to enhance the broader portfolio of programs within our school of public policy. His insight and experience will lend invaluable enhancement to programming, education and research initiatives as the University of Delaware helps shape the future leaders of our society.”

“Every day of my career in public service has been motivated by the desire to ensure that every American is treated with dignity and gets a fair shot,” said Biden. “I am happy to continue that work at my alma mater, a place that is stamped on my heart. I look forward to working with a top notch policy staff at the Biden Institute to continue the hard work of developing public policy to benefit American families.”

The Biden Institute, which will be part of the University’s School of Public Policy and Administration, will initially be located at 44 Kent Way, Newark.

Assanis said the creation of the Biden Institute will be complemented by the addition of new faculty, increased enrollment in the school, and an initiative to expand the school’s offerings in the areas of smart cities, environment and energy, social justice and disaster management.

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