Many people look to the new year as a time to make a fresh start. Some create New Year’s resolutions, with good intentions to stick with them. As we all know, it can be incredibly challenging to follow through. With that in mind, here’s a list of many common resolutions, and how Bayhealth can be a resource for you in your journey.

1. Quit smoking - Many people say they are going to use the New Year as a time to quit smoking. This can be a big undertaking for many. Bayhealth’s Freedom from Smoking program is a seven-week series that offers support and guidance to quit all tobacco products. It’s also a tapered approach, so members don’t stop smoking until week four of the program. The next series begins Jan. 10.

2. Lose weight - Losing weight is another common New Year’s resolution. For many people, diet and exercise simply aren’t enough to get to a healthy weight. Bayhealth offers bariatric seminars each month to walk prospective patients through the surgical process. There will be a seminar at Kent General Jan. 5 and at Milford Memorial Jan. 26. To learn more, you can call 302-430-5454.

3. Control blood pressure - Many people struggle with high blood pressure, and some may be looking to 2017 as the year they get it under control. Bayhealth offers monthly cardiovascular clinics so community members can keep track of their numbers. The clinics are on the first Tuesday in Smyrna, second Wednesday in Dover, and third Thursday in Milford every month.

4. Manage COPD - Another common problem is chronic obstructive lung disease or COPD. Bayhealth has a Better Breathers Club for those living with COPD and their support persons. The group covers educational topics and meets to discuss common problems and dealing with them. The next meetings take place Jan. 19 at Kent General and Jan. 26 in Milford.

5. Take control of diabetes - Many people are living with diabetes. Whether you are newly diagnosed or need assistance getting your blood sugars under control, certified diabetes educators work with individuals so they can better manage their diabetes and health. Call 302-744-7135 or toll-free at 877-453-7107 to begin.

6. Plan ahead - Being proactive is another common New Year’s resolution. Bayhealth hosts “A Matter of Balance” to teach those who have a history of falls, or are at risk of falling, exercises and techniques to prevent falls and the devastating injuries that may occur as a result of a fall. These classes are held several times throughout the year.

Bayhealth has a special program, STEPS to Healthy Aging, which focuses on aging in a healthy way. It is open to anyone age 50 and over and includes lectures that cover important health topics like understanding your medication and family planning. The next lecture will be held Jan. 4 at Kent General.

Making New Year’s resolutions is a great first step in making lasting, positive changes. While it can be difficult to keep up with resolutions, having support, and a plan, makes all the difference. To learn more about all of Bayhealth’s educational resources, go to