Donald Trump says he thinks the election will be rigged, but it looks like he is already rigging it.

Donald Trump, trailing in many polls and unable to grow support, is laying the foundation for a November loss by telling everyone the election will be rigged.

Not surprising, really. If the last year has taught us anything it is that any failure directly attributable to the real estate mogul is not his fault. There’s always someone else to blame. As conspiracy theories go, however, this one isn’t nearly as plausible as the theory that he is a Democratic plant.

But let’s look at Trump’s theory. Imagine for one minute, if you will, the massive conspiracy that will have to occur in order to pull off rigging a presidential election.

We may have national results from presidential elections, but elections are run at the state and local level. That means Democrat Hillary Clinton and her allies will have to have operatives in tens of thousands of polling places across the country, all poised to tamper with the official results and give their candidate the edge.

In Delaware the challenge would be easier, since there are only three counties and far fewer polling districts to deal with. Plus, the state already leans Democrat – no doubt a clear indication in Trumpland that we have already been infiltrated because, realistically, this plan for ultimate Democratic domination must have been hatched years, if not decades ago.

Democratic operatives likely have been previously placed in other key states as well, but the challenges run much deeper than simply placing operatives. Pennsylvania, a battleground state, has 9,157 election districts spread over 66 counties. It also has a Democrat in the governor’s mansion in Tom Wolf. Perhaps Wolf and other Democratic governors have already formed a coalition and developed a plan to replace individual voting district totals with fake ones that give an edge to Clinton. That would be one way to produce the rigged system Trump has talked about, and it could probably be done with less than 100,000 people across the country.

Of course, Republicans own the governor’s office in 31 states. In most of those, the people overseeing the election office likely are Republican as well. Given that, it would seem it would be easier for Republicans to rig the system against Democrats. Trump may want to contact the national GOP and ask them why don’t have a rigging system in place to match the one he obviously thinks the Democrats have.

Or perhaps he just doesn’t know that election results aren’t controlled at the national level, like he didn’t know that Russia has already invaded Crimea.

A more likely conspiracy theory is that Trump is a Democratic plant. Think about it. Clinton’s unfavorable rating with voters is higher than any presidential candidate in history … except for Trump. And he seems to be working hard to stay ahead of her in unfavorability. Trump has a long association with the Clintons, and he met with Bill Clinton prior to declaring his run for office. As Trump would say, something’s going on here.

True conspiracy theorists would surmise that Trump was a Democratic insert into the Republican field as a way to disrupt the election, but it turned out far better than even the Democrats could have hoped because Republicans made Trump their nominee.

Now, he has to do everything in his power to keep his negative ratings high and keep Clinton in the lead, a task he has done extremely well so far and, no doubt, will continue right up until Election Day.

That’s a conspiracy theory you can believe in.