Dover Air Force Base has had many “firsts” during its 75-year existence, including being home base to the C-5 cargo carrying aircraft. But one C-5A from Dover made its mark on history when, during a 1974 test program, it released and fired a live Minuteman missile from its cargo compartment. That aircraft went on to a long career with the Air Force, and was finally retired to the Air Mobility Command Museum in August 2013.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the 436th Airlift Wing at Dover Air Force Base. It was activated Dec. 27, 1965, and reassigned to Dover Air Force Base on Jan. 8, 1966.

Then known as the 436th Military Airlift Wing, the unit replaced the 1607th Air Transport Service. It subsequently took on a larger and more varied mission. Today, with its fleet of C-5 Galaxy aircraft – which have been improved with new engines and state of the art flight systems – and the newer C-17 Globemaster II, the 436th truly flies “anywhere and anytime.”

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