Jennifer Rust is an avid writer and she has always been obsessed with the world of superheroes. The Milford High School senior writes her own books.

So when the opportunity to compete in a writing contest presented itself she was prepared. She entered the B’nai B’rith International Diverse Minds Writing Challenge, which promotes tolerance and communicating equality.

Rust took fifth place and was recognized June 3 at a ceremony at the Delmarva Power Conference Center in Newark.

Since she was eight she has kept a journal by her bed and recorded her dreams and ideas. She hopes to be a screenwriter transcribing her heroes to the big screen.



 What did you write?

I wrote a book called Captain Adrian and the Case of the Missing Pillows about a young girl, who in her dreams, becomes a superhero and she fights crime without any powers

I really like superheroes myself and I’ve always wanted to write for comics when I grow up. I felt that taking something that I liked as a child would help me write a children’s book.

What do you like about writing?

I’m not really expressive. I’ve always been a shy person so I’ve never been able to really speak out. Writing gives me a place where I can actually write down my ideas and get them out without having to be loud.

Why pick the topic of bullying?

I feel like bullying is a really sick problem. In a way bullying affects almost all people in some sort of form even if it’s just interracial or sexist. I’ve had friends who have been bullied before. I’ve always been supportive of them and as I’ve seen kids who didn’t have many friends or been bullied I try to help out.

In the book Adrian has to talk to a monster and all the monsters are seen as scary and ugly. She decides to talk to this one monster and she sees that he’s actually not that bad.

What was it like doing the story and artwork?

It was pretty difficult. I was in my school musical and it was a very busy time. I only had a week to do the art so every day after school and practices I would do the art and painting.

Where do you go from this point?

I want to become a screenwriter and minor in illustration so I can do art and still write.