There are family-run businesses in Kent County, but none like Mid-Delaware Imaging.

There are family-run businesses in Kent County, but none like Mid-Delaware Imaging.

“MDI is unique in that we are the only family-owned and operated private imaging practice in Kent County,” said co-owner Dr. Anush Parikh.

Mid-Delaware Imaging is the house that Dr. Mahendra Parikh built in 1990 with Bharati Parikh, his wife, as practice manager.

Over the last two years the couple’s sons, Dr. Anush Parikh and Dr. Amol Parikh, have helped to run the family practice. Anush Parikh’s wife, Vicki, is the practice manager.

The practice is located at 710 S. Queen St., Dover.

MDI offers services such as MRI and CT scans, 3-D mammography and breast MRI, ultrasound and fluoroscopy.

Anush Parikh shed light on why he got involved with the business, the best business advice he’s received and more.

Why did you decide to become a co-owner of MDI?

I believed this would be the medical organization where I would be able to practice radiology the way I want to and the way I believe it should be practiced, where the patient comes first. At MDI, I have the time to thoroughly research each patient’s X-ray, MRI, mammogram … and am able to treat each study as a person and not just a number.

What’s best about owning a business in Kent County?

We are a small knit, very close community. I can pick up the phone and easily contact other referring physicians and discuss our patient’s imaging. This is what makes for excellent, well-rounded care when all of the members of the patient’s medical team can easily communicate.

What’s one of your greatest business challenges?

Juggling ever-increasing costs of operation with the constant decreases in reimbursement from the insurance companies and government. We continue to upgrade our equipment in an effort to provide top of the line, cutting-edge imaging to our patients in Kent County. However, over the years, the reimbursements have significantly been lowered by the insurance companies, which makes upgrading and purchasing new equipment very difficult.

How do you overcome that?

We try and overcome this obstacle by continuing to offer high-level care to all of our patients and our referring physicians. By doing this, we are able to create a loyal following of an increasing number of patients and physicians, which aids in off-setting a portion of the loss we suffer from the decreasing reimbursements.

What’s the best business advice you’ve received?

I was told never to run MDI as a lab, where a patient comes in, gets their lab work done and leaves. I realized that if we treat people like people and not numbers, they will appreciate what we are doing for them and not only return to MDI for their imaging needs, but that they will spread the word to their family and friends.