VIDEO - Sen. Tom Carper speaks on the EPA's climate assessment

“Despite the Trump Administration’s best efforts to bury this report on a Friday of a holiday weekend, those of us based in reality are going to make sure that the clear facts in it are broadcast far and wide,” said Carper.

“The numbers and the facts don’t lie. The reality of climate change is scary, especially for a coastal state like Delaware – the lowest lying state in our country. But the facts that this report so clearly lays out affect all of us. It doesn’t matter if you are from a coastal state or from a landlocked state; if you care about public health or the environment; or if you care about our economy or national security – this report says every sector of our economy and every person living in this country will be affected by climate change if we do nothing.

“We don't have to choose between all this doom and gloom and a strong economy. We can address the gloom and doom and add a lot of jobs. We ought to do this. This can be a win-win. We ought to seize the day.”