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Wealth and race still affect vaccine rates in Delaware, and it's getting worse

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A growing gap along race

Last month, Delaware Online/The News Journal reported on how the state's whitest and wealthiest zip codes administered the greatest number of COVID-19 vaccine doses per person.
The Blackest and poorest zip codes in Delaware, meanwhile, had the lowest vaccination rates.
The News Journal used census race data to analyze at a bird’s-eye view how the zip codes compared. The racial and economic makeup of a zip code are important factors when looking at how vaccinated an area is.

They are even more important than how hard the zip code was hit during the course of the pandemic. Here are the ZIP codes with the highest COVID-19 case rates.
Now, after analyzing newly released trend and race data, The News Journal found that not only is the vaccination gap between the state’s whitest and Blackest zip codes growing, the communities of color within those zip codes are receiving a smaller share of available vaccines.