Some jobs are less visible than others.

Coming into a fresh school year, kids can have any number of future careers in mind – some parentally-approved (farmer, doctor, lawyer) and some not so much (rock star).

While there may be a dozen or so iconic professions like these that spring to mind when asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” they’re far from the only ones with impact, and certainly aren’t possible without a lot of supporting labor behind the scenes.

For many, Labor Day is a welcome respite from the job. But it’s also a chance to recognize lesser-known, unusual professions and the diversity of hard work that Kent Countians do every day.

Kent County SUNDAY spoke with four professionals in behind-the-scenes fields to get a better idea of what they do and what makes the work worthwhile.

They are Ron Vickers,  Loggdawg Entertainment in Smyrna; Kimberly Norwood, Bayhealth Kent General Hospital; Justen Wright, House of Wright Mortuary & Cremation Services; and Dot Abbott, University of Delaware Cooperative Extension.