Kent County SUNDAY spoke with four professionals in behind-the-scenes fields to get a better idea of what they do and what makes the work worthwhile.

KIMBERLY NORWOOD, Certified nursing assistant

Bayhealth Kent General Hospital

13 years on the job

When was the last time you saw a doctor give a patient a bath? Chances are you probably haven’t and likely won’t.

Tending to patient hygiene isn’t glamorous, but it’s a very important duty. Certified nursing assistants may not be seen as the superstars of a hospital, but they do play a major role there. Some of their responsibilities include bathing and feeding patients, as well as keeping nurses informed about a patient’s status.

Caring for the sick and injured is tough, but Kimberly Norwood, a CNA with Bayhealth Kent General Hospital, says it’s worth it.

Q How did you get into this profession?

A I just love taking care of patients, making sure their needs are met and sitting down and communicating with them and helping them.

Q What do you enjoy most about your job?

A Just getting to know the patients and to know you’re there for them to help take care of them.

Q What’s the toughest thing about your job?

A When you get close to somebody and you lose them, [when] they pass away. So you just hopefully have to know you did everything that you could for that patient and you made them happy while they were here.

Q What’s one of your most memorable days at work?

A I had a patient and we helped him call the flower shop and had him order flowers for his wife. They had been married over 50 years. He wasn’t able to [order flowers] all by himself, so we helped him with that. He was really excited he was still able to do that while he was still in the hospital.