If he wins the 2016 presidential race, real estate developer Donald Trump wants voters to know he would stand up to bullies on the world stage.

He made this point in a Wednesday night Fox News interview while discussing his high-profile feud with fellow television personality Rosie O'Donnell.

Fox host Sean Hannity asked Trump about his Twitter spats with O'Donnell and whether that sort of behavior would "change in this current environment" of the presidential race.

Trump answered affirmatively but suggested O'Donnell had it coming because she was a "bully." He then said China was also a "bully" with its unfair trade practices. 

"Of course it would. Look, when I fight someone ó well, Rosie's a bully and she bullies people, but she didn't bully me. In fact, I was very proud. She said actually that was a big mistake she made when she took me on. The fact is that China is a bully to us. And they come out with statements: 'No, no, it's fair trade.' It's not fair trade," Trump replied. "What they do to their currency and manipulation makes it impossible for our countries to compete."

The Republican businessman made his opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a controversial 12-nation trade deal, a key part of his 2016 platform. He has also repeatedly accused China of "ripping us" by stealing US jobs. The Chinese government disputed some of Trump's claims after he announced his presidential campaign on Tuesday.

Trump, famous for getting into Twitter fights, has had multiple back-and-forths with O'Donnell over the years:

But Trump has also surprised O'Donnell by wishing her well:

Watch part of Trump's interview with Hannity below. (They discuss O'Donnell, bullies, and China about 8 minutes into the clip.)

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