Dover is not Baltimore. Or Ferguson.

Dover is not Baltimore. Or Ferguson.

That’s the message that members of the Central Delaware NAACP, other members of the African American community and Mayor Robin Christiansen made Tuesday  when they gathered outside Dover City Hall.

They were urging calm and patience as the case of police Cpl. Thomas W. Webster IV goes through the court system.

Webster was indicted May 4 on a charge of felony second-degree assault against a black man almost two years ago. The incident was caught on a police car camera.

Again on Wednesday night, LaMar Gunn, Central Delaware Branch, NAACP reached out to the media.

In a news release, Gunn said he had learned that some agencies with copies of police car camera video of the alleged assault were considering releasing it.

Gunn was opposed to the release.

He said, “There must be no release of the video within three weeks. We demand time for planning and healing as we’ve committed ourselves to getting out and hearing the voice of the people. Therefore, the premature release of the video would be callous, insensitive, and extremely shortsighted if it were to happen.”

It did happen.

The Dover City Police released the video Thursday afternoon. Their reasoning was  for public safety and to be “transparent.”

By press time, there had been no “peaceful outrages” and fortunately no incidents of  “lawlessness” as described by Christiansen.

We hope all heed the message from the mayor and NAACP and find appropriate peaceful means of letting their feelings or concerns known, whatever they may be.