Local student donates blankets despite house fire

A fire last month destroyed the house where Rosetta Pierce, 15, lived with her family, including her six younger siblings.

Even with the fire, Rosetta continued to work on a project of making quilts for Delaware Kozy Kovers for Kids. The project tries to provide a handmade blanket to every child who enters the Delaware Foster Care program.

More than 1,700 blankets have been donated. Rosetta, a Central Middle School student, recently donated 10 handmade quilts.

How did you come up with the idea to make the quilts?

My mentor [Elanye Starkey] had asked me what kind of project I would like to do.  She was naming off things that we can do and making quilts just happened to be one of them that I wanted to do.

Why did you decide to make them?

I know that some people can’t afford too many things in their life and they struggle to get so much so I decided to make blankets for them and donate them.

Why did you make the quilts even though your family suffered loss in a fire?

I know what happened to us was terrible, but I still had the things I needed. But there were still people out there who didn’t have a whole lot so I gave the quilts away [even though I knew] that we didn’t have too many blankets and stuff for us. But I knew we would manage so I just wanted to donate the blankets.

What do you want to do after you go to high school?

I would like to continue to make blankets for others. Besides making me happy, it would make a lot of other people happy. I will also be going to college, finding a job, and planning to still help people by giving back to the community.